What Is
Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a technique which is used to access memories of past lives or incarnations intending to heal traumas stored in the unconscious mind.

With the help of hypnosis, massage, and special breathing techniques, memories from past lives can be accessed. Some people also access them through their dreams, mostly in the form of nightmares.

This is a testimonial that one of my clients gave me as a way of showing her gratitude. She describes how she was free of her problem with Past Life Regression.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

It is difficult to name all the benefits of  Past Life Regression therapy, but I will list the most important ones:

  1. Finds the root of the problems:  Most of the time, the root of common problems like depression and anxiety is buried in our unconscious mind and Past Life Regression helps to uncover it.
  2. Cleanses the trauma: After the location and identification, the next step is to resolve the pending dilemma in the unconscious mind. The healing happens in this phase. A person can run into difficulty losing weight because he starved to death in a previous life. Another person always gets problematic partners in life because she was humiliated and made a slave in a previous life, and now unconsciously, she creates a relationship in which she is abused and mistreated.
  3. Accelerates evolution: Once the person realizes he is not a finite being, and he is an eternal one who is evolving from life to life, he gains transcendental purpose and tends to pay more attention to his spiritual path.
  4. Finds the mission in life: A common occurrence in Past Life Regressions is that the subject finds himself in the afterlife and it allows for communication with the beings in charge of his life and evolution. If the therapist knows how to do it, he could help the client to figure out what his mission in this life is. This will give you a lot of clarity about how to behave in this life in order to fulfill your mission.
  5. Contact your angels: It is pretty common that my clients find themselves talking to one of their guardian angels during a Past Life Regression.
  6. Allows an experience of death: When a person gets into a Past Life Regression, the therapist has the choice to bring him to the last moment in that specific life. To experience death first hand is a marvelous practice. You will find out that death is not something to be scared of but it is a very peaceful and a happy experience when it happens naturally and at the moment that it is supposed to happen. (suggested reading: What Happens After Committing Suicide) This tends to reduce and in many cases to eliminate the fear of death which is very common in our society.

Who Were You in Your Past Life?

Past life regression gives you an opportunity to learn what roles you played in previous lives. This will help you to discover your capacity and gifts as well as your limitations in this life. It will also allow you to overcome your limitations.

Why Can't I Tolerate a Specific Person?

You may find yourself to be intolerant to a specific person for no reason. It is very possible that unexplained intolerance towards somebody in your life can be coming from your past lives.

For example, a person who tortured you in your past life can be your sibling whom you cannot tolerate even though you try hard.  Past life therapy helps you to see and recognize the roots of the problem, therefore, you can solve and forgive it.


Why Do I Always Choose the Wrong Partner?

The basics for choosing partners in life come from the definitions stored in our unconscious mind. If you had a father with a very bad temper, you may unconsciously think that only a man with a horrible temper can protect you and provide for you. This father could be your father in this incarnation or your father in any previous life.

Almost any non-beneficial pattern can be explained by trauma from this and previous incarnations. By the same token, almost any bad pattern can be solved using Hypnotic Regression as a tool to find the roots of the pattern.


Common Uses for Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions can be a very successful therapy to identify, understand and heal fears, problematic issues or relationships that we have in this current incarnation.

Phobias: If you have a phobia or extreme fear of something that cannot be related with any trauma from this life, it is very possible that phobias root is in one of your past lives. For example, if somebody who has always lived in a city and never come across with a snake in his life develops a phobia of snakes and cannot even see them on TV, that is very possible that he had a traumatic event related with snakes in his past life.

Nightmares and recurring dreams: It is common that a person with a recurring nightmare or dream finds out that the scene was real and that they lived it in another life. Phobias often come along with these recurring nightmares or dreams. The advantage of visiting these events is that symptoms tend to disappear immediately.

Personal Relations with Negative Repetitive Patterns: Many people suffer from this. They always engage with the same kind of partner and these partners tend to have the same type of issues, such as, violent behaviors, addictions, adultery, lying, and bitterness. Past Life Regression is especially good for these type of problems.

Inexplicable pains and aches: Many people suffer from unexplained lower back pain, abdominal pain and, heart pain. It is frequently discovered that the aches and pains are rooted in a traumatic experience from another life and they can be easily resolved by the sessions.

Sexual Problems: When a sexual problem doesn’t improve after many traditional therapy sessions, it could be because it is being caused by past life experiences. These experiences are often traumatic and violent. For example, a woman who was raped and then murdered could be incapable of enjoying her sexuality in this lifetime. This is because the unconscious mind is trying to avoid any event that has a similarity to that which terrified her in the past.


Why Do Past Life Regressions Help to Heal?

When a person is in a life-threatening situation, the unconscious mind takes over in order to protect the person. That’s why we may have the difficulty to recall memories from traumatic events. The one experiencing that traumatic event is not the person’s conscious mind but the unconscious mind, so the memory belongs to the hidden part of the mind. On the other hand that traumatic event leaves a hidden mark which can the base for the unconscious to make decisions. These decisions that are made by our unconscious mind are usually good to protect ourselves and be safe, but sometimes they can make our life difficult and affects our relationships. Then we call it a trauma.

In past life regression therapy, recalling and re-experiencing the event in your mind allows your conscious mind to retake control over the situation and now you do what you want to do, not what you are told by your unconscious mind. For example, a person who starved to death in a past life could eat excessively in this life which makes him overweight and unhealthy. What the unconscious mind is trying to achieve with this action is to prevent the person starve to death by ordering him to eat as much as he can. Once the person recognizes the reason behind his eating compulsion, it is easier to overcome it without suffering.


How a Past Life Regression Is Performed?

During the first part of the consultation, I ask questions related not only to symptoms of the problem but also about my client’s past, their family and personal relationships, and about the issues they are having. This information helps me to guide the person during the Regressive sessions.

In the second part of the session, I start training my client so they can go into deep into Hypnosis. This step is really important because it gives you a leverage, guiding you how to respond to questions and what to do during the sessions.

On the last part of the session, I put the person under Hypnosis and once the person gets into a trance; I start the Regression. If the cause of the problem is located in this lifetime, then the person will probably go to their childhood, but if the roots of the problem are in past lives, the person is going to go to a different lifetime.

During this phase, I guide you through the experience in a way that it will instantaneously trigger the healing. It is not difficult once you know how to get in contact with the inner-self.

In order for Past Life Regression to be useful as a healing tool, it requires the person to stay conscious, so I pay attention to keeping the person aware of the experience. I also guide the session in a way that opens up the person to their own healing abilities. This facilitates the awakening of your psychic powers and gifts.

It is interesting to notice that with Past Life Regressions I am not the healer; you are the one healing yourself. You heal just by getting in touch with the event that caused the problem, so my task is to help you to achieve the state of mind and to put you in contact with the trauma, your inner-self does the rest.


What Do You Feel During a Past Life Regression?

Regressions are very special experiences if they are performed by a professional. They provide a state of consciousness where the level of peace and spiritual connection is usually unique. They often provide access to  Spiritual Projections. Spiritual Projections are more advanced state of consciousness in which the conscious mind is directed to the higher spiritual planes allowing the person to have angelic encounters.

The subject is usually surprised by the realism of the experience. They see the logic of the trauma which seems absurd from a practical point of view.

The subject can visit several events and even several lifetimes during a single session. It is also very common that the person jumps from the events of this life to the ones in the past lives and vice versa.

Additionally, the physical body is affected by the experience from the point of view of perception. For example, someone who relives an event in which they are being thrown into an abyss, they will feel that odd sensation in the abdomen as if they were actually falling down. Part of my work is to deal with these feelings and to reprogram them into positive ones.



What Can I Expect After a Past Life Regression?

Most people experience several days of great peace and enjoyment of life. Also, since it triggers the resolution of old traumas, it could lead to some conflicts with family and friends, but that is totally normal and it always produces good results, especially if you deal with them with love and intelligence.

The majority of my clients also report positive changes in their living conditions, and these changes can be so dramatic that they often have difficulty believing that these changes are results from the regressions, but they are indeed.

For example, a person who had an unbearable boss told me that one week after her first Past Life Regression her boss was promoted to a different department so she didn’t have to deal with him anymore. A 45-year-old man who had been unemployed for a year, received a call while he was saying goodbye to me in the hallway of my office. This call was for a job interview and he called later to let me know that he got the job. A woman whose husband was contemptuous and humiliating, reported one week later that her husband behavior was dramatically improving.

The examples are countless and the possibilities are also endless because, believe it or not, we are creating our life out of our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, especially with the unconscious ones.


How Many Sessions Do I Need to Solve My Problem?

It is very normal to ask how many sessions you need in order to be healed. It depends on many factors such as the personality and cooperation of the subject, the nature of the problem, severity and length of the problem. Some people can be healed in one session whereas others may need more sessions. No matter how many sessions it takes, you will see the differences and improvements starting from the first session. It is also very possible that you get a healing or solutions for other issues that you were not actually looking for. In this sense, we can say you can get some beneficial side effects.

Do I Have to Believe in Reincarnation to Get a Past Life Regression?

No. I had some clients who did not believe in reincarnation and they were still able to enjoy the benefits of my techniques.

Some of them didn’t change believes even after having really vivid Regressions.

I would like to clarify that skeptical clients tend to have more difficulty getting into Past Life Regressions and therefore they generally need more sessions.

Past Life Regression Pitfalls

Regressions and Hypnosis are things you have to learn to do. The person needs to learn how to enter into Hypnosis and Regression.

Every person who comes to my office in search for Hypnosis finds that in the first appointment they go deep into a hypnotic trance, enjoying it immensely. On the other hand, Regressions and Past Life Regressions require a certain level of openness and development of consciousness. So the person needs to learn to raise their level of awareness and vibratory level get into Regression.

The major pitfall people find when trying to have a Regression is related to being too analytical. Regressions and Past Life Regressions happen in the intuitive part of our minds. It has nothing to do with analysis. So, if you want to have Past Life Regressions and also you are the analytical kind of person, you better prepare yourself for some extra-sessions where you will be just learning how to let go the off analytical side of your brain and how to engage the intuitive one.

A person with a strong faith in the Creator and a high devotional level, has many more tools to get into Regressions, Hypnosis, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Projection and generally in a state of spiritual accomplishment than the skeptical one.

However, there is always hope. I use Hypnosis as a tool to help the ones that have difficulty to believe in the spiritual realms. I do it in a way that does not attack the personal beliefs. If you want to be a Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim that is not my problem. I have to help you to achieve a level of faith that produces results, and I have to do it without hurting your beliefs.

How Do I Make an Appointment for My First Past Life Regression?

The entire process is fully automated, just click the following button, select Past Life Regression, click “Next”, then choose your date and time and complete the registration process.

Please visit our FAQ page if you have questions about our online booking program.


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July 21, 2019 11:44 pm

Your explanations are so clear, thank you! I’m wondering if there is a way I can work on my own to learn how to let go of the analytical side? I so want to experience the past life regression, but hypnosis in general has been a failure for me.

July 25, 2019 7:22 pm

Its been a lifetime of stuffing anything like intuition, so trying to get past the training. Unfortunately most local people who work with past life regression seem to have one method so I need to try to conform to them – much like conforming to society by squashing anything like intuition. Your information is very helpful! Thank you very much!

June 19, 2019 8:47 pm

Hello, I am a 38 year old woman and recently divorced. I was married for 10 years and my ex-husband was controlling, angry and emotionally abusive and I was aware of his personality even before we got engaged but I still married him and could not leave him until he left me for another woman. Interestingly, my boyfriend during my college years was exactly like my ex husband; controlling, emotionally abusive and criticizing me all the time. I was with him for almost 5 years and I could not leave him until he left me for another woman. I realize that 2 long-term relationships I had in my life has the same pattern. I also want to add that I grew up with a very controlling, angry and abusive (physical and emotional) father. I am thinking there is a relationship with my father figure and the men I choose. I do not want to continue like that. Do you think past life regression will help me to solve this problem? Thanks

Mia Stewart
May 30, 2019 1:33 pm

I like how the article explains that past life regression can help with phobias. I have a really big phobia of heights that has prevented me from doing a lot of activities with my husband, like skydiving, which he loves. Using past life regression could help me to get over the fear so I could go skydiving with my husband.

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