What is
Emotional Healing?

Emotional Healing is a new discipline that uses hypnosis, age regression, energy healing, ego strengthening, self-esteem improvement, emotional and mental re-training, to help the person overcome emotional pain.

Let’s first take a look at what is emotional pain.

Emotional pain is an energy that makes us feel bad. Feeling sad, lonely, guilty, regretful, rejected or ashamed for a long time can cause emotional pain. Since emotional pain is a type of energy that moves inside our mind and our body, it will eventually cause physical and psychological problems or illnesses.

If the emotional pain lasts for a long time and is not taken under control and treated, it can actually cause physical pain and illnesses like fibromyalgia, arthritis, atherosclerosis, some forms of cancer,  rheumatism and many others.

After many years helping people to overcome all sorts of emotional pain, I have arrived at the conclusion that it is a type of energy; negative, painful and resilient one.

This energy is created by our mind at the moment that we focus on something that we perceive as painful, like the death of a loved one. It attaches to our energetic body and stays there until we find a way to get rid of it.

I know for sure that it is a type of energy because one of my psychic abilities is precisely the capacity to see and feel that energy in others and to move energy in and out of the mind and the body of people.

Why Does It Take so Long to Heal Our Heart?

The emotional energy is resilient. It tends to attach to our energetic body and to stay there. The preferred point of attachment is our heart chakra because this is the center that handles our emotions.

Once it is attached, it tends to qualify our normal energy with the same vibration that it has, which in turns creates more and more emotional pain.

That is why once the person gets through a traumatic experience, he tends to go down for a long period of time until he starts focusing more and more in other aspects of his life such as work and relationships.

Why Do I Keep Thinking of the Person Who Treated Me so Badly?

Because you are still attached to that person.

The energy of attachment goes in both directions. One person gives away his energy as a way to manipulate the other. That person also gets energy in exchange. It could be reassuring energy or any other type of energy. It doesn’t matter what type of energy. The important thing is you are attached to a toxic relationship and you need to break free.

I have been able to help many people to get rid of unhealthy relationships and it is always the same dynamics. My client knows that he/she needs to get away from that relationship but he/she doesn’t want to do it.

Here is where Hypnosis helps us to get an upper hand. We level up with our unconscious mind and help him to detach from that harmful connection.

Why Do I Still Love Him/Her?

Normally, you do not love someone who has been damaging you for years. That is simply not possible. But you are attached to that person. It is just dependency.

It is his energy inside your energetic body what is causing the dependency. When you get rid of the energy, you will get rid of the dependency.

Is It Possible to Overcome Emotional Pain?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. Not only that, it is very easy to do it if you are really determined and willing to let it go.

Frequently, I get clients who are delving deep into their emotional pain, people who lost the most loved one or their jobs, people who can’t recover from serious illnesses and feel devastated. They all get relief in their first session and most of them completely overcome their emotional pain in a few sessions.

Now,  for any reason you can’t come to one of my sessions, I advise you go to https://www.youtube.com/user/MaestroInterno and watch the videos on my channel. I have several videos about how to heal yourself not only from emotional pain but also from various disorders and phobias.

Basic Steps to Overcome Emotional Pain

To overcome emotional pain and attachment, you need to find strategies that help you to:

  1. Get your mind busy with thoughts that are not related to your loss.
  2. Get rid of the emotional energy in your system.
  3. Boost your self-esteem so you can see yourself as capable of moving forward.
  4. Improve your mood.

Here are some simple recommendations to cope with emotional pain:

  1. Improve your relationship with the Creator. This is the most important step in the recovery of any disorder. When I get a new client, I help him/her to improve his faith with the use of Hypnosis and other tools. The results are amazing. Do not underestimate this step.
  2. Pay attention to your body. Eat properly, drink enough water and exercise. These simple tips are remarkably important to help your energetic body to get rid of the emotional energy that is causing the pain.
  3. Get yourself a hobby. This is a wonderful way to distract yourself away from the pain and cleanse your system by not creating more pollution and also by utilizing your energy in a different way.
  4. Learn breathing techniques, like pranayamas. They are notably helpful in the process of self-healing.
  5. Swim frequently. Big masses of water have an impressive cleansing ability. They tend to help people to get rid of all kinds of low vibrational energies. The ocean is better than a river which is a lot better than a lake which is definitely better than a pool, which is better than a shower tub, but if you don’t have anything else, take baths in your shower tub.

How Do I Make an Appointment for an Evaluation of My Case?

The entire process is fully automated, just click the following button, select “Evaluation Session”, click “Next”, then choose your date and time and complete the registration process.

Please visit our FAQ page if you have questions about our online booking program.

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June 20, 2019 9:39 pm

My heart is broken because of my last relationship. It was a bad break-up and even though it has been a couple of years since then, I cannot help being angry or sad about it. I often think about him too. I read that every time I think of him, I am sending my energy to him and he gets stronger while I get weaker. Is it true?

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