What Happens to the Ones Who Commit Suicide?

To answer this question, I will use the knowledge gained in two ways. First, my many years as a Hypnotherapist specialized in Past Life Regressions, which allows me to form a clear idea about life after death. Second, my psychic abilities which are useful to ask questions to the Universe and experience firsthand.

But before that, I want to make something clear. In this world, we are in the first stage of our evolution. We are larvae, fetuses, nothing more. The most advanced people in our world are just beginners in the ladder of evolution.

It means that our spiritual communication is lousy at the best.

When a person with psychic abilities tries to get an answer from a higher plane, the preconceptions in the subject’s mind interfere, so very few communications are pure.

There are also the challenges posed by the limitations of the language. We can’t perfectly convey ideas from the higher levels in a human language. It is impossible. We can try, but it doesn’t mean the results will be accurate. They will be more like a pale reflection of what someone saw, but that’s all.

To add up to the problem, there are also the limitations of the human mind, plus the limitations of the physical brain. The last ones being too many.

This is to say that the information in this article is merely inspirational information and I beg you to take it in that way.

Having that in mind, this is what I saw when I asked: “What happens to the person after committing suicide?”:

Kent, who was a 35 years old man, shot himself in the head with a handgun. He felt an unbearable pain in his brain mixed with the sound of an explosion, probably a hundred times more intense than the actual one from the shot. He felt as if it lasted for many years.

He experienced the shot, again and again, thousands and thousands of times with little moments of silence. In those moments he felt he was floating in a void, an empty and dark, humongous space, in total solitude.

Those moments of silence gave him the opportunity to reflect on how valuable the company of the people who loved him was.

Sometimes the pain stopped, and he found himself re-experiencing one of the hardest moments of his life.

One second there was this unbearable pain in his head with an extremely loud noise in his ears, the next second he found himself in a scene in which he was being fired from his job. His boss was furious. He was looking straight to Kent’s eyes while he was telling him how useless and inconsiderate he was.

The moment that Kent arrived at the scene he understood that he was coming back from the dead and he felt the most exhilarating happiness. He inhaled and could not believe he was breathing the Earth’s air again. He didn’t care that his boss was mad at him. Instead of getting mad at his boss, he looked at his eyes and recognized how much he loved that guy and how much his boss tried to help him become a decent, reliable person. He also understood how badly he failed him and how pathetic he was when he told his friends and family about his unfair boss who fired him for no reason at all.

Kent interrupted his boss and told him: “You are absolutely right at everything you are saying. I realize it now. I failed you in every possible way, but I am a different person now and I will make it up to you. Just give me the last opportunity and I will not let you down. Not this time.”

These words were coming from the bottom of his heart. They were spoken with sincerity because he was full of optimism about himself and life at that moment. It was impossible to describe the clarity in his mind about how happy he was when he was alive. It was not what he had been thinking “Oh, I had happiness at reach and I didn’t recognize it”. No. He was actually happy. He knew he was privileged and blessed.

However, as soon as he pronounced the words… the shot… again. That freezing pain in his brain and that super loud shot in his ears, again.

Then he understood what was happening. He was re-living the moments he had thought were hell while he was alive, but instead of sadness, depression, anxiety and all the feelings that were related to those moments, he was experiencing the miracle of being alive. The miracle of relating to others and experience life. Only that these moments did not last. The only thing lasting forever was that horrible pain in his brain and the sound of the shot on his ears.

While I was looking at Kent’s journey through what we could call his hell, I saw him re-experiencing the moment he tried to commit suicide and failed at it; the moment he hit his girlfriend and left her on the floor, all blood on his hands and her face; the moment that his girlfriend finally broke up with him and threw him away from his daughter; the moment he almost died of a drug overdose; and finally, the moment he killed himself.

If you are thinking about suicide, I have a final word for you: You can be in peace here and now. Do not stop looking for it. God created you to experience peace. Deep, profound peace beyond comprehension. Maybe you are not ready to accept it and that is why you don’t recognize it. But it is here. Right now. 

Stop complaining and recognize how magnificent it is that God himself is allowing you to put a part of his own mind in hell and still he doesn’t disconnect you. Your “suffering” is his suffering as much as your happiness is his happiness. He is experiencing the totality of all pains in the entire creation. All at once. Still, he doesn’t disconnect from us. 

He still has hope on our capacity to recognize the miracle.

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