Past Life Regressions

Can Help You:

  • Find the Cause

    Past Life Regressions can help you discover the cause of problems like depression, anxiety, impotency, obesity, and panic attacks.

  • Get Rid of Trauma

    The next step is to show the cause to your unconscious mind and this could solve your problem in a few sessions.

  • Radically Reduce Costs

    In the most effective cases the reduction in costs could be up to 80%.

  • Find Your Life-Mission

    A talk with the guardian angels, the Inner Master, or their deceased is a common experience for my clients. Having this kind of experience could help you find your mission in life.



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My experience has been spectacular I feel that I have recovered my life and more important my family. Ivan has helped me with my addiction to the game in the casino, depression, anxiety. I have learned to take control of my thoughts, decisions and to value me as a human being and above all to believe in me. Continued with my sessions to improve even more.

Lili Gomez

Puerto Rico

celeste boncompte 2

I met Ivan through my mother, who took me for therapeutic sessions starting around when I was 12 years old. Since then, he has been one of our most trusted teachers and confidants. Sessions with him were positively cathartic and absolutely purifying. And he knows so much!! From regular and regressive therapy, to reiki, to theta healing, to chakra balancing, and so much more, he will find and provide the best thing for you and you will come out a new person, healthy and strong. I highly recommend him, whatever your needs are, he can and will do his best to help.

Celeste Boncompte

Miami, FL

Benefits of Past Life Regressions

Overcome Depression

The root of depression and anxiety is in either your childhood or a previous life, therefore, having a tool that takes the person to their past should be the most logical approach because it helps to solve the issue where it is, in the past.

Past Life Regressions can be a wonderful tool for problems coming not only from previous lives, but also from childhood and even from the prenatal phase of our life. 

past life regression to overcome depression
past life regression in couple relationships find the right person

Attract the Right Person

People who always go for the wrong person have unconscious programming. They do not notice it, but their own mind is creating the problem. 

The trauma may be coming from either their childhood or a previous life. Hence, Past Life Regression therapy could be your answer for relationship problems.

Get Rid of Fears

Most phobias and fears come from a trauma in a previous life. As a result, the person never knows where its irrational fear is coming from.

For the reason that there is no other tool to deal with memories from previous lives, Past Life Regressions could be the best tool to overcome phobias and fears.

In most cases, the person ends up solving many other problems that appeared unrelated to the main issue. Frequently the person receives this bonus with Past Life Regressions.

past life regression in fears and phobias
past life regression in sexual problems

Heal Sexual Problems

Lack of sexual desire, impotence, difficulty to reach orgasm, fear of sex, and many others, may be the result of traumatic experiences. They may come from this one or a previous life.

Traditional therapy may take years to help a person suffering from these kinds of problems because the person has to break through a wall that is very difficult to cross. The lack of contact with our previous lives.

That is way Past Life Regressions could be your tool to overcome all of them quickly and effectively.

Overcome Panic Attacks

I can’t count how many times a person came to see me for panic attacks thinking the root of their problem was in their childhood, just to discover that it was in a previous life.
The way we passed away in other lives may determine a lot about our capacity to deal with stressful and scary situations in this life.
Since Past Life Regressions deal not only with traumas from previous lives but also with the ones from this life, it may be your tool of choice to overcome panic attacks.

overcoming panic attacks with past life regressions
overcoming addictions with past life regressions

Get Rid of Addictions

My combination of Past Life Regressions, Hypnotherapy, and Energy Healing is the most affordable solution for addictions. It is also extremely effective because it attacks the root of the problem instead of focusing on the symptoms.

I help my clients to overcome addictions in mini-intensive programs. We work for one week a month, 3 hours a day. These programs have the potential to create dramatic transformations on the unconscious mind, which can lead to produce amazing results in a short time.


Not everybody has the same ability to get into Past Life Regressions. Some people may require training before achieving the regressive state. In addition, results may vary from person to person depending on the level of commitment and some personality treats.

Ivan Gil, Hypnotherapist

Ivan Gil is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Consultant from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and a Clinical Massage Therapist from Florida College of Natural Health; he also studied Clinical Hypnosis at the University of Miami.

He also received training from Dr. Brian Weiss on Past Life Regression Therapy and he is a Reiki and Qi Gong Master with over 20 years of practice. 

Ivan Gil is also an author and some of his books are published by Amazon.

ivan gil past life regressions expert miami and broward
ivan gil hypnotherapist office in broward fl

A Friendly Environment

When you arrive at Ivan Gil’s office, you will encounter a friendly environment where you feel at home. The center manager, Dayana, and her secretary, Emily, are some of the loveliest people you can meet.

Our reception is comfortable and quiet promoting an experience of peace and relaxation even before your session.

The parking lot is spacious and never full and after your session, you can enjoy some time at Starbucks Coffee, Yogurtland, Chipotle Mexican Grill, BurgerFi, or Omaha Steaks.

The Best Experience Ever

My job involves a lot of traveling and since a bad turbulence in one of my flights; I started having panic attacks every time that I got in an airplane. I was about to lose my job, but after only 5 sessions with Ivan Gil, I was able to travel again.
- Thank you Ivan Gil for changing my life for the better

Kathie Miller

Atlanta, Georgia

kathie miller healing from flying phobia with past life regression

Do you want to see more testimonials?

Where to Find Our Past Life Regressions

office map kendall miami


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