How to Overcome Depression?

In this page you will learn how to overcome depression without medication.

Our mind creates depression, so our mind can overcome it. 

You can change depression into a positive mood. 

This article will help you achieve your goal by teaching you how to overcome depression by yourself.

In this article we will talk about how to overcome depression in natural ways and without medications. 

Keep reading and enjoy the trip.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness or loss of interest.

People in depression experience periods of sadness, irritability and lack of motivation.

Another name for depression is “Major Depressive Disorder”, and it is a common mood dysfunction.

Most of us experienced it either firsthand or through our family and friends.

A person with depression cannot enjoy life and loses interest in most activities, even the ones they once loved.

Signs of depression may vary from person to person. 

The most common ones are sadness, pessimism, nervousness, guilt, emptiness, worthless and desperate.

Everybody occasionally experience sadness, even the ones without depression.

If you show symptoms lasting over 2 weeks, you need to learn how to overcome depression. 

This becomes more important if those symptoms create family and work difficulties.

What Are the Symptoms of a Major Depression?

Diagnostic criteria could be difficult to understand for a layperson. 

Please understand that only a psychologist can make a diagnostic. 

I present this information to help you recognize whether you need to look for professional help.

These are the most important signs of a major depressive disorder:

  • Persistent sadness and weeping for no specific reason and almost every day
  • Anger or frustration for small matters
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Feeling guilty, sad, powerless or worthless for unrealistic reasons
  • Decreased interest or desire, declining interest in doing things you used to enjoy, including sex
  • A big change in appetite and weight. Your weight and appetite are considerably more or less than usual.
  • Sleep problems. Your sleep routine changes, you sleep little or too much.
  • Fatigue or loss of energy. Even small tasks take extra effort.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Unexplained physical complications such as pain or headaches
  • Slow thinking, talk or body movements
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Most Common Types of Depression

Major Depressive Disorder or Clinical Depression

It prevents the person’s ability to continue their daily routine. 

A person with a major depressive disorder cannot enjoy the things they used to enjoy. 

They have difficulties at work, sleeping, studying, and eating.

It may develop once in a lifetime but more often it may happen several times.

Persistent Depressive Disorder or “Dysthymia”

Symptoms of a persistent depressive disorder are similar to major depressive disorder. 

They are less intense and last at least for 2 years. 

People with persistent depressive disorder can function in everyday life, but they are not happy.

They complain and criticize, enjoy nothing in life and are hopeless about everything. 

Also, they do not daydream for the future. 

Even though the symptoms are less severe than major depressive disorder, it can be more destructive on the person. This is because symptoms last for a long time.

Postpartum Depression

According to statistics, approximately 15 percent of women experience postpartum depression after giving birth. 

Hormonal changes and lack of sleep can cause the new mother to suffer from postpartum depression. 

The following are the most common signs you should watch:

    • Sadness and crying more often than usual for no reason
    • Moodiness, irritability or restlessness
    • Anger or rage
    • Difficulty bonding or forming an emotional attachment with her baby
    • Persistently doubting her ability to care for her newborn
    • Thoughts about harming herself or her infant

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PDD) is the severe form of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). 

Hormonal changes in women may cause a premenstrual dysphoric disorder. 

Symptoms start just after ovulation and reduce or disappear when the period starts. 

Symptoms of PDD are anxiety, sadness, anger and extreme mood swings.

Atypical Depression

This depression is a common disorder, and it’s difficult to diagnose.

Unlike other types of depression, people with atypical depression respond to positive events with a happy mood. 

Risk for women is twice as high as in men.

Symptoms of atypical depression are similar to major depression. 

Distinctive characteristics of atypical depression: 

  •         A significant increase in appetite and significant weight gain
  •         Tendency to oversleep (10 hours or more)
  •         Unexplained heaviness or stiffness in arms or legs
  •         Sensitivity to criticism and rejection

Situational Depression or Reactive Depression

Develops after a traumatic event or series of events. It could be the death of a loved one, divorce, abusive relationship, or losing a job. Sadness and anxiety are normal during these events.

If your recovery takes a long time and interferes with your daily routine, you may need to get help. Try to learn how to overcome depression by yourself or find a therapist.

Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

Sadness is an infrequent and temporary mood that comes and goes.

It is difficult to engage in regular activities while you are sad. Still you can get through the day.

When you are sad, the things you love doing can change your mood. Spending time with family and friends and other distractions will make you happy.

If you are in depression, you do not need a specific reason to be unhappy. You feel miserable about everything for no reason, and it happens most days for two weeks or longer.

Depression makes everything less enjoyable and difficult and nothing cheers you up. 

Not even the things you used to enjoy doing.

You should learn how to overcome depression if you lack the motivation to do normal things. Even when you are obligated as with your job.

Who Is at Risk of Developing Depression?

The following factors can increase the risk of developing depression:

  • Family members with depression
  • Being a Woman (because of hormonal changes)
  • Traumatic experiences as a child such as abuse or losing a parent
  • Family members who committed suicide
  • Stressful life events such as death, divorce, losing employment
  • Lack of friends or other personal relationships
  • Serious illness
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Lack of faith

You may be at risk if 3 or more items in the earlier list apply to you. In that case you need to learn how to overcome depression

Symptoms of Depression in Children

What Makes Children Vulnerable?​

Children also get into depression but their symptoms differ from the ones in an adult.

The following environmental and mental conditions make children susceptible to depression:

  •         Loss of a parent or close family member
  •         Divorced parents
  •         Stepmothers or stepfathers. 
  •         Attention problems
  •         Various learning disabilities
  •         Anxiety disorders

Symptoms of Depression in Kids

Symptoms can change according to the age of the child. Here is a list of common symptoms of depression in children aged between 6 and 12:

  •         Sadness, sorrowfulness, crying  
  •         Stop enjoying his/her favorite activities or games
  •         Low energy and boredom
  •         Poor communication
  •         Difficulty to focus
  •         Isolation from his/her peers
  •         Increased anger and hostility
  •         Frequent fighting with his/her peers
  •         Irritability
  •         Low self-esteem and guilt
  •         Frequent onsets of physical illnesses such as headaches and stomachaches
  •         Poor performance at school or frequent absences
  •         Hopelessness
  •         Increase in sensitivity to failure or rejection
  •         A major change in eating habits
  •         Efforts to run away from home
  •         Suicidal talk, thoughts or behaviors
  •         A significant change in sleeping routine

If you learn how to overcome depression, you will help your child. You will also know how to better care for them when they are struggling.

What Are the Causes of Depression?

If you search the Internet for the most common causes of depression, you will find a list like this:

  1. Genetics
  2. Female Sex Hormones
  3. Brain Chemistry Imbalances
  4. Circadian Rhythm Disturbances
  5. Drugs Use
  6. Physical Health Problems
  7. Poor Nutrition
  8. Grief and Loss
  9. Stress

But my years of experience teaching others how to overcome depression taught me different. 

Let’s talk about what I consider being the real causes of depression.

What Are the Real Causes of Depression?

How Is It Important to Overcome Depression?

Although physical factors can be the cause for some people, in my experience they are not. At least not in most cases. 

Because of our absence of understanding, we use genetics and other physical circumstances as an excuse. 

We justify our lack of consciousness and our laziness to face the real challenges of life.

This life is a spiritual journey and we have a transcendental mission. Our soul suffers if we don’t fulfill our purpose. Our depression results from the needs of our crying soul.

If we don’t understand our purpose in life, we will pursue fame, pleasure and money. 

Our tutors in the spiritual worlds can temporarily tolerate our inertia. 

But their tolerance has a limit. 

Once they reach that limit they apply emotional pressure to guide us towards the right direction. 

This pressure causes anxiety, disorientation, sadness and emptiness. 

If we don’t correct our route, then we will get into depression.

Are Genetics and Chemistry Imbalances the Real Causes of Depression?

Is Depression Inherited?

In my practice, I learn about the case of a woman who developed breast cancer. Her mother, grandmother and one of her sisters died because of breast cancer. The logical sequence in her unconscious mind was to develop breast cancer herself.

But this woman was adopted and her siblings told her about it. After a few months the cancer disappeared by itself.

Many of my clients told me that one of their parents suffered from major depression. 

Still, I don’t believe all of them inherited the disorder. 

I saw clients showing signs of sexual abuse who weren’t the direct victims. Under regressive hypnosis, I found their mother or grandmother was the one who suffered abuse. 

She passed the trauma over to her daughters and granddaughters by talking and body language.

My practice taught me that our body and mind respond to our spiritual and emotional issues by creating symptoms. The symptoms in our body and mind are the language of our soul. Their meaning could be easy for our soul, but difficult for our logical mind.

Analysis of Major Symptoms of Depression

Let’s now analyze the most important symptoms related to depression:

Persistent Sadness and Crying for No Reason

Since the person is not fulfilling his mission, there is an anguish, an emptiness in his life.

That’s why the person cries. It is the dissatisfaction at the level of the soul.

Anger or Frustration over Small Matters

The sadness mentioned in the earlier point is so intense that it occupies the energetic body.

It doesn’t leave the space or energy for anything else.

It is your soul asking you to focus on your main purpose in life.

Anxiety and Restlessness

Our inner guilt produces anxiety. 

Since you are not fulfilling your mission, guilt kicks in.

Feeling guilty, hopeless or worthless

I explained guilt in the earlier topic.

Hopelessness comes from going a long way in your life achieving nothing related to your mission.

Feeling worthless also comes in the same package.

Decreased Interest or Purpose

This refers to the loss of interest in doing things you used to enjoy, including sex.

Once the soul puts so much emotional pressure on our psyche, it becomes very difficult to enjoy anything.

It is a normal reaction, feeling that nothing else is important but to fulfill your mission.

A Significant Change in Appetite and Weight

Similar to the earlier one, this is a normal reaction to the lack of achievement in life.

Again, we are talking about achievement from the perspective of the soul.

Sleep Problems

You sleep too much or too little.

Difficulty sleeping is the result of anxiety.

Sleeping too much is a mechanism to avoid facing life.

Fatigue or Loss of Energy

The anxiety consumes too much energy and sleep problems make it difficult to recover that energy.

Also the lack of energy causes fatigue.

Lack of concentration

This results from not having enough energy to act.

Our brain needs electricity to work. 

If we are energy depleted, concentration becomes difficult.

Slow thinking, speaking or body movements

This one also results from the lack of energy.

Unexplained Physical Problems

The unconscious mind and our body tissues store the trauma.

Once a particular issue develops, it chooses an organ in the physical body and accumulates dense energy over there.

The result is physical pain and illnesses like rheumatism, fibromyalgia and migraines.

Suicidal Thoughts

Once the other symptoms become strong, this one follows as a clear way of finishing the pain.

I recommend reading my article “What Happens after Committing Suicide”. 

This article will help you understand how wrong this “escape route” is.

How Can I Overcome Depression?

These are methods I used to help my clients overcome depression. I will mention them and we will discuss one by one later in this article:

  1. Make sure that your life has an important purpose
  2. Do spiritual cleansings
  3. Improve your contact with the Creator and your faith
  4. Learn to manifest and apply it to produce harmony in your life
  5. Take good care of your physical body
  6. Get rid of traumas from childhood and past lives
  7. Watch your mind and teach it to obey and serve you

Now let’s talk about each of them, one by one:

1. Make Sure Your Life Has a Meaningful Purpose

How Having a Life Purpose Is Important to Overcome Depression

Lack of purpose is the most important cause for depression. Make sure your life has a clear purpose.

It is naive to live without purpose. 

You don’t start a project without a reason. Then, how is it possible you pretend to live your life–your most important project–without a goal?

We all come with a mission for our lives. It always relates to our special abilities plus our deep altruistic desires. 

Finding our mission could be a challenge for people coming from a materialistic family. Even if you are spiritual, it could be challenging. But, it need not be difficult. Let’s talk about it:

How to Find My Purpose in Life?

The most essential part is focusing on working from the heart. In most cases, you don’t need to change what you are doing. 

Working for the benefit of everybody or your family will get you out of the hook.

For the ones who love spirituality, working for God is a way of bringing purpose to their lives. 

Whatever the purpose you assign to your life, you shouldn’t become a fanatic. A steady resolution based on firm beliefs is all you need.

You should try to find your mission by yourself. If you are unsuccessful at it, I have developed an effective technique to help people find their mission.

2. Do Spiritual Cleansings

Why Do I Need Spiritual Cleansing to Overcome Depression?

Spiritual pollution is the second most common cause of depression. 

It is always present in clients with depression.

The reason is that energy inside most people isn’t good. 

Anger, sorrow, distrust, sadness, greed, and many other low vibration energies are the normal frequency in their mind.

The problem with feeling those emotions is that they accumulate in our tissues. This makes the person more vulnerable to that type of energy. 

A person who often becomes sad will collect more sadness every day. 

This takes him deeper into his sadness which can turn into depression.

We also call this “Emotional Pollution” and it leads to what most religions call spiritual possession. 

Sadly, a lot more common than we think.

How Can I Know Whether I Need a Spiritual Cleansing?

A simple test can help you find whether you are suffering from spiritual possession. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you often get angry, sad, or frustrated?
  2. Are you often fighting with or mistreating the ones you love?
  3. Do you sometimes feel motivated to do good things for others and you end up hurting them?
  4. Is your mind too noisy?
  5. Do you perceive something frightening that others don’t?
  6. Are you sometimes hearing voices in your mind?
  7. Do you sometimes black out when you drink alcohol or take drugs?
  8. Does it sometimes feel as if you have two different identities inside? One pursuing your happiness and the other trying to destroy you?
  9. Do you have a tendency to use drugs, alcohol or any other way of escaping reality?
  10. Are you thinking about dying or taking your own life?
  11. Do you have frequent nightmares?
  12. Do you think life is not fair, people is trying to hurt you, or life makes no sense?
  13. Are you stuck in an addiction?
  14. Do you love dark places or have difficulty tolerating the smell of incense?

If you answer “Yes” to 4 or more of these questions, you may suffer from spiritual possession. 

In that case you should try to figure out how to overcome depression.

How to Get Rid of Spiritual Entities​ to Overcome Depression

Getting rid of spiritual possession is a long job, and it takes resolution and perseverance. 

Entities are very comfortable living in your body and mind. 

They will fight for their home.

But you will win the battle if you have the proper knowledge, guidance and attitude.

I use energy healing, hypnosis, training and a cleansing routine to help my clients get rid of pollution. 

I recommend getting started by reading my article “How to Do a Spiritual Cleansing”.

It is important to understand that in most cases, it’s the main reason people fall into depression. You shouldn’t ignore it.

Thinking about is not pleasant. 

I have been showing people how to overcome depression for many years. This is the most common cause.

3. Improve Your Relationship with the Creator and Your Faith

What Is This Life About?

Our society teaches us to believe that we are here to have a happy, comfortable life. But how true is that?

The years I spent performing Past Life Regressions, my dialog with angels, archangels and my Inner Guide have shown me different.

Our life has a spiritual mission. We are not here to accumulate material wealth and to be beautiful.

We are similar to a battery operated electronic toy. Our batteries are rechargeable, so we need to connect to the Source from time to time. The price for neglecting to connect to our Creator is depression.

They have misled us to believe that financial freedom is equal to success. 

But many wealthy people is drowning in depression.

We see simple and humble people who have nothing but their faith and they are a lot happier. 

I have nothing against richness. I even help my clients develop a wealthy mindset so they can change from poverty to prosperity. But we can’t confuse material wealth with success in life.

How God's Relationship Helps to Overcome Depression

Some of my clients who came to see me because of their depression described themselves as people of faith. 

As our work together progressed, I discovered that they wanted to believe, but their faith was not effective. It was not enough to produce an important impact in their lives and personalities.

Faith has to be strong to keep you happy and in peace. It has to be the faith that allows you to feel the Creator in your own physical body. Otherwise it will be ineffective.

Make sure you connect with God, but do it in your own terms. Religions are good but they limit the connection instead of promoting it. They also make you feel unworthy of having a personal communication with your Creator.

Believe me when I say my only special attribute is my faith. Nothing else. But enough to create miracles.

You can have a personal relationship with our Creator, and yes, you are worth it.

I created a special hypnosis technique to help my clients feel God in their mind and body. It improves their faith. This is an invaluable tool in learning and practicing how to overcome depression.

4. Learn to Manifest and Use It to Create Harmony in Your Life

Manifestation as a Healing Tool

During the last decade, they have bombarded us with information about manifestation. About how we create our reality out of our thoughts, but how much do we believe?

All of us have seen it. Observe your thoughts and you will see how they are shaping your life.

The optimist person lives a life of fulfillment. He thinks God is in charge of his life and everything will be fine. And he is right.

Pessimistic people have reasons to believe life is against them. And guess what? They are also right.

They gave us a mind like the one who created everything. God created us like Himself. We think and we create.

This became common knowledge with the movie and book “The Secret”. But most people tried the techniques taught by the movie and their situation became worse.

The reason is that the movie teaches something simple for the ones who connected to the Source. 

It is however difficult for the ones without that connection. 

Developing that connection should be your priority. 

Then manifesting a healthy life with prosperity, and love becomes a possibility.

How to Use Manifestation to Overcome Depression

After we have developed the faith, we must learn how to manifest.  

I have been receiving instructions about it from my inner guide. I teach them to my clients as a tool to create a life of purpose and happiness.

One of the important things you have to learn is that your conscious mind is the one in charge.

The psychologists have been teaching us that the unconscious mind is the one in charge. 

It has its own knowledge and agenda and we should flirt with it to persuade it to do things. 

This description is true for most of our humanity. But we can change it.

I suffered from depression for over 10 years and I changed it. That’s how I learned about how to overcome depression. 

Life tested me several times with horrible things. One of them was the death of my wife after 31 years of marriage. But it didn’t take me down because once you learn to control your mind, nothing can defeat you.

And that brings us to another important topic. Manifestation is a lot about controlling your thoughts. That’s why I use hypnosis to help people to learn how to manifest. Because they need to learn to control their mind.

5. Take Proper Care of Your Physical Body

How Is It Important to Overcome Depression?

We experience our emotions with our brain, which is part of our physical body.

We produce adrenaline, a hormone that helps our body to get ready to fight or escape in case of emergencies.

Our body consumes the adrenaline when it engages in strong physical activity. It is a drug. It strengthens us for a moment. That way we can fight a treat.

But there is a problem. We are not in the forest anymore. Not for the last 200 or 300 years, so our body has no way to consume the adrenaline.

When adrenaline accumulates in our physical body, it pollutes the nervous system and muscles. 

This creates an estate of alarm, even while we are resting.

The sustained estate or alarm exhausts our system depriving it from vital energy.

As a result, the person gets into depression.

How to Maintain a Healthy Body to Overcome Depression?

Keeping our bodies healthy is not rocket science. Most know the basic principles.

As in everything that has to do with physical health, pay attention to your family doctor. 

Ask him about these guidelines before embarking on a self-healing journey.

How to keep a healthy physical body:

  1. Drink plenty of clean water. Filtered water is better than bottle water.
  2. Eat healthy. There are thousands of guides about this. Avoid eating processed food and sugar. Have a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts.
  3. Physical exercise burns the adrenaline in your bloodstream and that is a common cause of depression. Try to do it in a way that makes you sweat, but do not exaggerate.
  4. Sleep well and at the proper times. Sleep deprivation causes chaos in many processes not only in the body but also in the brain. The best hours to sleep are from the sunset to the sunrise. The later you go to bed, the less your body is recharging the batteries.
  5. Think positive. I can’t stress this enough. Our thoughts create not only our reality but also our body. You can’t have a healthy body if you don’t have a healthy mind.

6. Get Rid of Traumas from Childhood and Previous Lives

Your unconscious mind is doing many things without asking for your permission. The main reason is to protect you.

But in a person with traumas from their childhood the unconscious will do many things against the person’s happiness. Similar with traumas from previous lives.

I have found that most times we can relate panic attacks and depression to traumatic events. In many cases, sexual abuse trauma.

Almost every person with an abuse history will develop depression. 

But don’t be mistaken, even a person without a history of abuse can also develop depression.

You can find more information it on my page about “How to Overcome Sexual Abuse”. If you have kids or are a victim of sexual abuse, I recommend that page.

There are several ways to treat traumas. Some more effective than others. 

I use Hypnosis, Energy Healing, and Past Life Regressions to help my clients to overcome their traumas. 

This approach has proven to be effective, but you can use your favorite one. The important task is to heal the traumas.

7. Watch Your Mind and Train It to Obey and Serve You

Your behavioral patterns are responsible for your mood, including your depressive moods. 

Your unconscious mind fed by your conscious mind’s thought patterns is creating them.

Now it’s easy to understand that you have to train your conscious mind. Train it to overcome your self-destructive unconscious patterns.

You must force your mind to obey you. It shouldn’t control you. You should control it because you are your mind’s owner, not its’ slave.

The person who controls his mind is invincible in the battle against dark entities. 

He will develop the spiritual abilities required to have a healthy communication with the Creator. 

Also, he will manifests a life of harmony, and he will take care of his physical body.

So as you already guessed, this is one of the most important tools to overcome depression.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

The entire process is fully automated, just click the following button, select Evaluation Session, click “Next”, then choose your date and time and complete the registration process:

Please visit our FAQ page if you have questions about our online booking program.



Although the suggestions in this article could teach you how to overcome depression. Don’t diagnose, neither treat yourself without professional help.

Depression is a major problem and it can be life-threatening. Do not risk your own life to save money. 

Money will have no meaning if you commit suicide or get into a mental hospital.

It is not correct to judge psychiatric medicines as evil before looking for professional help. Sometimes these drugs are necessary as an aid during the healing.

It could be better to use medicines for a short period. Only while the healing produces enough results to stop the medication.

Still, I do my best to help my clients to get out of psychiatric medicines. I talk to my client’s psychiatrist to inform of my client’s progress. This way he can reduce the medications accordingly.

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Adriana Perez
October 28, 2019 7:55 pm

I just finished my process of overcoming depression with Ivan Gil. It was challenging at times, but the majority of the process was fun and it never ceased to amaze me. His wisdom and psychic abilities are paired only by his astonishing healing abilities. I came to Mr. Gil because of a horrible case of pain in my back, mostly in the area behind my heart. I visited all kind of doctors including some specialists. Thank God I had a good health insurance because I probably costed over $300k to the insurance. The doctors didn’t find anything abnormal in the myriad of lab tests they made me take. Some of these test I know are expensive, like the 6 or 7 MRIs that I collected during the years. They couldn’t find the cause of my problem and I heard weird plans from some of them, including taking chemotherapy!!! Chemotherapy for what? That was my answer and I decided that enough was enough. I grew in a family of doctors 🙂 so I am skeptical by nature. I don’t believe in the supernatural, the PES, the angels, and all that spiritual mumbo jumbo, but I had to put my skepticism aside and look for something different. I don’t know if I was just lucky or if for some reason I was supposed to find Mr. Gil, but he was the first one that appeared on my Internet search, so I made an appointment for an evaluation session. OMG! What a session! I got to his office in such a pain in my back that I had trouble to focus on his conversation and definitely to answer to his questions. He read me instantaneously. He told me: “I know you don’t believe in angels, Reiki, spiritual healing, chakras or spiritual communication, so… Read more »

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