How to Meditate Workshop

The “How to Meditate Workshop” is a sacred space created to help you train your mind and body to get into deep meditation at will in no time.

You will learn why meditation is easy and how everybody can meditate. You will see why traditional teachings of meditation tend to not help the people to learn to meditate and how to train your mind easily to enjoy your meditation time.

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Benefits of Meditation

A few minutes of meditation a day can have a dramatic impact on you. These are some of the most important benefits of meditation:

    • It improves your mood reducing the chances of getting into anxiety or depression
    • It relaxes our mind helping us to live a more rewarding life
    • It improves our concentration making us more effective at work and in life
    • It improves sleep which in turns improves our lives in many ways, including better sexuality, digestion, immune system, stamina, concentration, self-esteem, and many others.
    • It heals the body and mind giving you an overall better health
    • It slows down the aging process and sometimes it can even reverse it
    • It relaxes our muscles and organs, reducing the chances of getting sick
    • It improves memory
    • It reduces blood pressure
    • It changes the energy in our home, making it more spiritual and peaceful
    • It makes us more effective at problem-solving
    • It makes us more charismatic and magnetic because of the good energy radiated by our brain and body
    • It helps to overcome addictions, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, and traumas

So far, I talked about the scientific benefits of meditation but those should be more like a bonus and not the ones motivating you to meditate.

The following are the real reasons to practice meditation:

    • It helps you to develop control over your mind and emotions which is the most important step in human evolution
    • It helps you to evolve faster making it possible to achieve your life mission
    • It activates the etheric sensors making it likely for you to sense angels, archangels and other high hierarchies from the spiritual worlds
    • It reduces the tension in your nervous system making it stronger which helps you to manifest the life you want
    • It trains the unconscious mind to pursue peace as our main goal in life
    • It activates new areas in our brain that will be helpful to live a peaceful life

Common Misconceptions About Meditation

These are the most common misconceptions about meditation I have been hearing over the years, mostly from my clients:

    • You need to empty your mind to meditate
    • You must meditate for a long period, every day
    • Meditation is to contact God and to pray more effectively
    • You need to sit with crossed legs
    • Relaxing music playing in the background helps to meditate
    • Mudras – specific positions made with your hands – help to meditate
    • Certain stones improve your chances of having a good meditation
    • Marihuana helps to meditate
    • You need to meditate at the same place every day to charge it with spiritual energy, which will make your place more powerful for your meditations
    • Meditation is part of the new age movement

Once you learn to meditate, it wouldn’t be difficult to sit for a long period and enjoy it, also you will empty your mind easily and you will have far better contact with God and higher hierarchies making your prayers and spiritual practice more effective, but those are side effects. The most important effect is the acceleration in your evolution which makes you more prompt to fulfill your mission in this life.

We will talk about the other misconceptions in our workshop.

Can Everybody Learn to Meditate?

Yes, everybody can learn to meditate.

I lost track of how many times my clients told me they can’t meditate because their mind is too active and they can’t make it stop thinking, they can’t empty their mind.

People think they have to empty their mind to get into meditation and that prevents them from emptying their minds so they can’t meditate.

I am not saying that meditation is not supposed to empty your mind, because it is, however, the more you look for that particular result the more elusive it becomes.

Over the years as a healer, my clients were constantly asking me about an easy method to learn to meditate. One day I got the answer from my Inner Guide. An easy method is the one that doesn’t focus on emptying your mind but at the end takes you precisely there; to an empty mind. This is what you are going to learn in this workshop.

Price, Date, Location

This workshop is not longer available.

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