How to Do a Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is necessary for everybody because we live in a world where most people is not careful with their thoughts and emotions, which turns our energetic space into a field of low vibration energies, plus a myriad of dark beings.


This process will take you to the next level in your spiritual path. It will serve as your initial cleansing to help you get rid of all forms of emotional, mental and spiritual pollution. This will free you up, improve your chances of fulfilling your mission in this incarnation and entitle you with the credentials in the spiritual world to allow you to minister as an ambassador of light. With the proper time and effort, some of your psychic abilities will wake up and you will take part in the healing of others.

Your health will dramatically improve in harmony with your purposes for this life, and your mind will be free from obsessions and intrusive thoughts and energies.

Do not do this process if you are not sure you want to forgive all who damaged you, to surrender yourself to the authority of God, and to offer your help for the purpose of enlightening the humanity.

If you do it, then be ready to fulfill your mission as a Minister of God and as a spiritual healer. God will provide opportunities as soon as you are ready. Be patient. It won’t take much time because most of us are ready.


For 2 days before starting the cleansing, follow these guidelines:

  1. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Do not mix water with juice or other liquids. We are talking about water with nothing added to it. It would be helpful if you keep drinking a good amount of water during the entire process.
  2. Completely stop watching anything with a screen like a TV, computer,  or smartphone, unless you must do it for your job. The idea is to clean your mind. After the first 2 days and for the rest of your life, limit these activities to the minimum and definitely do not watch the news, gossips of any kind, violent video games, and horror movies. Those activities open you up to spiritual possessions, something you don’t want to have in your life.
  3. Completely stop sexual activity for the first 2 days, then after the first 2 days, you should try to limit your sexual drainage to the minimum. The idea is to keep your energy as much as possible. I talk more about this in other articles on this website.
  4. Do your best to stop the criticism. Criticize nothing and nobody; governments, laws, religions, systems, weather, food, health, relatives, friends, strangers. This rule should apply for the rest of your life if you want to stay free of anxiety, depression, obsessions, compulsions, panic attacks, and other emotional/mental problems.
  5. Try to come for chakra balancing so I can start the cleansing and unblock the 6th, 7th, and 8th chakras. This opens your channel to the communication with the higher dimensions so you can ask for help from the ascended masters and other spiritual beings.

The Process

For 33 days, go to bed as early as possible and read the prayer out loud, in the same volume you will use in a regular conversation with another person. Read it with faith and authority, knowing you are the son of God, a prince or princess in his kingdom. Read it sincerely, thinking about what you are saying and stopping for a moment to think about the beings of light that are being called, every time the prayer mentions them.

Do not stop the process for any reason. Do not take a trip or start any big project during the process. This could be the single most important step in your life so far. Do not take it lightly. I promise you: you did nothing like this before and it will completely change your life for the better.

If somebody is sleeping next to you, make sure this person is doing the process with you, starting the same day and doing it with you until the end. Otherwise, you could pollute him or her, and it will eventually affect you. Do not sleep with somebody who is not doing the process with you.

Read the prayer with love, authority, and respect for the spiritual beings who are assisting you. We are the Creator’s offspring and we have authority in the spiritual world. Without those elements, love, authority, and respect, we could not see the astonishing results of the prayer. Do not fear our Creator, we are his kids. He has only love and compassion towards us. It is time to claim our place in the kingdom of God. Authority is part of our inheritance. It is time to bring Heaven to Earth because we have already suffered too much. Let’s make it happen together.

The first step in the prayer is to invoke our Creator, and it asks you to feel his Presence. You must feel it. Do not continue with the process if you can’t feel it. You can use my video “How to Develop and Increase your Faith” as a guide to get there.

I developed a technique that uses hypnosis as a tool to help my clients to feel God and angels.

Following is the prayer you will recite every night before falling asleep:

The Prayer

I ask my higher self to shield my aura and to establish a secure and safe channel for this healing.

Dear Creator. Holly Father. Divine Mother. The massive ball of consciousness in the creation’s center. I call forth your attention. Look at me now.  

[Give it some time while you connect in your mind with God and allow yourself to FEEL IT. Then continue…]

I love you. I love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I want you to look at me and watch over me tonight during this spiritual initiation and for the rest of my existence.

Dear Divine Mother, with your permission, I call forth the Presence and help of the Holy Spirit, the One who gave me my mind.

Dear Holy Spirit, infuse me with your energy while enlightening my mind in harmony with my mission in this incarnation. Witness this process and make sure that my prayer is fulfilled and my commands are obeyed here, in my mind, and body, and there, in the spiritual world, where I am commanding as the Creator’s Son (daughter) a prince(ss) in the Light.

Dear Guardian Angels in the light, I ask for your help in all possible ways in harmony with God’s plan, to assist me during this healing, come closer and activate the sensors that allow me to feel your presence and my creator God working in my mind and bodies.

In the presence of God I revoke, renounce and make invalid now and forever, every vow, oath, and loyalty against either the plan of our Creator God or my spiritual freedom and advance, made at any moment and on any dimension since the beginning of time, and I set myself free of their influence in the past, present, and future, in all dimensions and forever.

I command all entities, presences, and foreign energies inhabiting my bodies and mind, who do not reverence and completely obey the almighty Father/Mother Creator, to surrender yourself to the angels of light that are right here, waiting for you, to take you to a safe place of recovery and renovation in the light. I am not allowing you to stay in my domains for a single additional second. Do it now in the name God. It is an order, so be it.

[Give it some time. You will feel the relief. Then continue with authority and love, like a father in charge of the well-being of his family.]

Beloved and respected Archangel Michael, my father in God, I call for your Presence and help. Be here with me now and help me disconnect and disengage from all forms of disharmony in any possible way and shape. Get right now inside me and collect all negative entities and their energies and devices and take them to the place they belong to and make them accountable for their acts. In the One’s name, I command them to surrender. So be it.

Beloved Archangel Michael, help me to perfectly and completely disconnect and disengage from all people, places, and events I got in contact in any form and in any dimension since the beginning of the time. I will keep only the love and knowledge. I claim my freedom in the name of God. So be it.

Dear, beloved Angels in the army of Archangel Michael, I ask you to assist me in this endeavor and to make sure that not a single entity escapes from its destiny today. It is time to bring heaven to earth, and I want to be a pioneer in this mission. Count on me from now on and for the times to come, for the rest of my life.

I now ask my guardian angels to help me tonight to harmonize my mind with the peace of God so I can get into it at will.

In the Presence of my Creator, with the help, love, and protection from my spiritual alliances in the light, I now surrender myself to God and I devote myself to Him, to serve, love, adore, and worship him as my single and only God, the owner of myself, and I choose to pursue the career to Paradise.

That being said, I behold my own perfection in the Sacred Mirror of Life, and I see myself as pure and as perfect as my Divine Mother created me in her own mind at the beginning of the time, and I promise to not to see myself in any other way from now on, and for the rest of the eternity. Amen.

Now I surrender even more to my beloved Divine Mother and I promise to see my brothers and sisters in God as one with me and to look for their enlightenment and happiness as much as my own and to fulfill that mission I decree:

I, the son (daughter) of God known by the name [say your full, original earthly name, include your spiritual name if you know it] born in [say your place of birth] at [say your date of birth], today [say today’s date], now at [say current time], in [say your location as exact as possible], I aim my mind to the heavens, as high as it is currently permitted to me by the hierarchies of light, and I ask to be listened by the ones in charge of my spiritual evolution and the ones in charge of my karma and the karma of those related to me and in any possible way:

I set the ones who damaged me in any possible way, at any time and any location in the infinite creation of God, free of any karma related to me. I forgive you and I behold your perfection. I recognize you as my brothers in the light and I wish you the best for the rest of the eternity.

I ask for forgiveness for all my offenses to my Lord, the Creator and to my brothers and sisters, including the universe and any life form on it. I surrender to the Love of the Creator and I promise that I will do my best to not to damage any creature of any kind for the rest of my life, for all the eternity. Amen.

Now I ask for the help of the Archangels of Light and my spiritual alliances in the Light, all of those who want to take part in this healing and initiation, and especially I call for:

Archangel Michael, I call for your Presence, your protection, your correction, your cleansing, and your harmonization in the Light. I also ask your angels to be of help to my guardian angels and to myself during the rest of the time I have to live in a physical body. Amen.

Archangel Raphael, I call for your Presence, your light, your healing energy, and your harmonization. Force my mind to re-calibrate in the Light and to see myself and the world from a Divine perspective, afresh an anew, awakening my full potential as an ambassador of the Light of God in this planet. Amen.

Archangel Zadkiel, I call for your Presence and your Divine energy of love to awake in my heart in such a way that I will totally and completely love every living being that is part of my Creator’s mind, who I want to love with infinite and eternal, all-encompassing love. Amen.

Archangel Haniel, I ask for your Presence today and every day of my life, awakening the blessings of happiness and pure joy in my mind, my body, and my affairs, in such a way I will deeply dive at will into the infinite peace of God. Amen.

Archangel Uriel, I call upon your Presence to free me up from the illusions of matter and to help me perceive the reality of myself and others in the light of God so I can radiate the harmony from the heavens with every breath of my body and every thought of my mind. Amen.

Now I look upon my guardian angels in the Light, and I send you my love while I ask you to help me during this process. I give you permission to help me in every way as long as it benefits me and the ones I am connected to, during this life. Amen.

And now, in the Presence of my spiritual alliances in the Light, I ask my Higher Self to protect me from any and every form of temptation, and during this healing I ask you to entrust me with additional energy so I can completely purify my bodies and mind from any form of invasion that is not coming from the Light of God. Amen.

Now using this additional energy, again, I command all and every entity and foreign energy who oppose God’s will, to abandon my bodies and mind and to surrender to the surrounding angels. Do it now in the name of God. Amen.

Finally, in the Presence of all the ones who love me in the spiritual world, I ask for the dissolution of all pending karma and I command the creation of spiritual Light, prosperity and peace in my life on every second I have to live from now on and for all the eternity. Amen.

I give thanks to God and to every single being that is taking part in my spiritual initiation in the Light, and I ask my Father God to compensate all of you on my name for all the services provided in the love. I love you all. God bless you and I. Amen.

How Do I Make an Appointment for Spiritual Cleansing?

The process takes 3 hours. Click the following button, select “3 Hours Session”, click “Next”, then choose your date and time and complete the registration process:

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