Free Phone Consultation

During our Free 10 Minutes Phone Consultation, you will talk directly to Ivan Gil and ask him your questions.

This will help you understand what kind of work he does and how it can help you.

Ph: 954-901-1108

How Our Free Phone Consultation Work?

To get HypnosisPast Life RegressionsEmotional Healing, or any other help from Ivan Gil, you may need to book an Evaluation Session. The only exception to this rule is Chakras Balancing, which requires no evaluation.

The Evaluation Session will be your first session. It will allow Ivan Gil to know about you and your problem. At the end of the session, he will tell you whether he can help you, and how he will do it. He will also give you an idea of how much work it requires in a typical case to solve your kind of problem.

Since the Evaluation Session takes an hour, and it is not free, some people are afraid of booking the session, because they do not know for sure that Ivan Gil will help them. The Free Phone Consultation solves that problem.

He will tell you whether he has experience with your kind of problem and how big your chances of being successful are.

If he cannot help you, be certain he will tell you right away. In fact, he will not accept your appointment if you try to book it after he told you he will not be the best help for you.

Who Should Use It?

If you are coming to Ivan Gil’s sessions for the first time, you better use the free consultation, unless you are coming for Chakras Balancing, which requires no previous consultation.

How to Use It?

Make a list of all the important questions you want to ask Ivan Gil. Then assign a number to each of them in order of importance, being 1 the most important one, 2 the second most important question.

Call us at any time during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Once the appointment starts, use your time wisely. Do not talk about how excited you are to talk to him. Just say hello and ask your first question. He will be on the clock and will finish the appointment once he exhausts your 10 minutes. Remember that he has other people waiting for him.

If you do not over talk and allow him to speak, most probably you will get answers for all your questions.

Please do not take it personally if he has to cut the call out once the 10 minutes had passed.

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