Appointments FAQ

This document provides answer to the most common questions about appointments our clients ask every day. 

There are a few cases in which I can answer this question accurately. These are the most common ones:

  1. Phobias: If you feel discomfort in any part of your body by thinking of the object of your fear, then it takes one session, two at the most. I have no way to know how long it will take if you can not feel any discomfort.
  2. Chronic Pain: If you are suffering from a major illness which is giving you excruciating pain, then I can help you manage the pain. It takes one session to get rid of most pains, including pain caused by cancer. However, the pain can come back if you are still sick. I use Energy Healing to deal with pain. Energy Healing will help you fight against the illness, but you shouldn’t hope for instantaneous healing. Although it could happen.
  3. Emotional Pain: When you know the exact cause of your pain, then it takes anything between one and three sessions to get rid of it. I am talking about something like the loss of a loved one. However, there is no way to know how long it will take if you have traumas from childhood or past lives.
  4. Stop Smoking: For certain people, it takes only one session. Those who do not get cured in that session, require an additional 5 sessions. Not everybody responds to stop smoking hypnosis, but the chances of success with the 5 sessions plan are close to 100%.
  5. Hypnosis: It takes only one session to get into hypnosis with me, and almost everybody can get into hypnosis with me.

There are however many cases in which it is impossible to predict how long the healing will take. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Depression. The most common cause for depression is trauma, and every person has a different ability to get into regression which is the main tool to heal trauma. In most cases, it is better to buy a package. You come to your evaluation session and I will tell you what is the smallest package you can buy. About 70% of my cases get healed with the initial package. I have payment plans available through Square Payments.
  2. Anxiety: Everything I said about depression, applies also to anxiety.
  3. Sexual Abuse: In most cases, the symptoms get better or disappearing after the second session. It never goes away with less than 30 hours of work. I do not treat clients who do not buy a package bigger than 30 hours because it will damage the chances of healing.
  4. Panic Attacks: Almost everything I said about sexual abuse also applies to panic attacks, except for the minimal amount of hours. I had cases where the person got a satisfactory recovery with 25 hours, but they are very rare.
  5. Obesity: This disorder is one of the most difficult to predict. Almost nobody gets results without a package, that’s why I do not take clients who do not buy it. It will cut their chances of success almost to zero. Most clients require over 20 hours.
  6. Past Life Regressions: They require certain qualities in the personality. An important percentage of our society do not have those characteristics. So in many people, I have to work on developing those qualities before I can put them into past life regression. Open-minded, spiritual people who regularly practice meditation, get more easily into past life regression. Very analytical people-almost everybody in our society-tend not to do well in past life regression and require extra work to develop their personality. There is no way to know in advance.

It is easy.

For chakras balancing or quit smoking session, make a reservation for that specific session. Otherwise, let’s analyze it together so you choose wisely:

If you need help with obesity, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sexual abuse, sexual problems, or addictions, then you should book an “Evaluation Session”.

For strong physical or emotional pain, book a “Physical or Emotional Pain Healing” session.

The ones already in a healing process with Ivan Gil should book a “1 Session”.

If you need help with phobias, then choose “Phobia Relief–Energy Healing”, and those with strong emotional attachments book “Infatuation Relief–Energy Healing”.

People with anger and resentment problems should book “Forgiveness and Anger Relief–Energy Healing”.

No. The system will take a little amount of money from your debit/credit card, normally $1.00 to verify the validity of the card. We will return this money to you in around 3 business days.

This means you will pay for your session on the day of your appointment. You can pay with the same debit/credit card you used to book your appointment or with a different one.

Have in mind that cash payments have a discount of $5.00 for every hour of work, so bring cash if you want to take advantage of this discount.

Also, please remember that Square Payments will charge you 35% of the session price if you do not show up the day of your appointment or if you show up so late that it is impossible to give you a session.

Square Payments booking system, is the one asking for your card information in order to secure your appointment. I do not have access to your card information.

Yes, you can cancel or change the date and time of your appointment with no charge if you do it at least 48 hours in advance. Use the link provided in your confirmation email.

Yes, and they are very important so please try to pay attention to them:

    • Do not wear black, gray, or very dark colors. They make my Energy Healing work a lot more difficult. Sometimes impossible. Bring extra clothes and change in our bathroom if you must wear black before the session. And make sure you go back home in your light colored clothes.
    • Make a list of the symptoms you have been experiencing. All symptoms are important. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms. Bring your list to your appointment.
    • Sleep well the night before your appointment. It boosts your healing abilities, making it easier for you to take advantage of our session.
    • Do not drink alcohol or use any recreational drug for 2 days before the date of your appointment. It reduces your sensitivity, making our work a lot more difficult.
    • A friend or family member may accompany you and wait for you in our waiting room but your company cannot be present in the room during the session. The reason is simple. Over 50% of my results are because I use Energy Healing, which is drawing energy from the higher planes. I have to put faith for me and for my client. That is more than enough. If I have to put faith for an observant, it will be too much. It consumes excessively much energy. In addition, a third person in the room will consume the energy that is supposed to go to the client.
    • Arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment. You need time to park, look for my office, introduce yourself to my secretaries, and fill up several forms before we can start the appointment.

Read through our website, especially the page or pages related to the session you are having. Do not browse it. Read it. That will give you many answers beforehand helping you focus on the important questions. If you are coming for a Hypnosis session, then read our page “What is Hypnosis?”, if you are coming for Chakras Balancing, then read our page “What is Chakras Balancing?”, and so on.

The entire process is fully automated, just click the red button at the end of this page, select the type of session you want, click “Next”, then choose your date and time and complete the registration process.


Please use the form at the end of this page to ask us any questions related to our website and its content. We will do our best to answer with a good article.

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