How to Overcome Panic Attacks

In this article I explain some of the techniques I use to help my clients overcome panic attacks. You will learn simple, yet effective techniques to get rid of anxiety attacks. 

After reading this page you will know how to overcome panic attacks by yourself in the comfort of your home.

An ordinary day and you are busy with your daily routines, suddenly your heart beats faster. So fast you think it will come out of your chest. You can hear your blood passing through your ears. You are hot, sweaty and breathing fast. Your vision is blurry and you are shaking like a leaf. Now the thought of a heart attack crosses your mind. They rush you to the emergency room. 

After a series of tests and blood work, doctors cannot find anything wrong with you. On the end they suggest you get mental help because you are suffering from panic attacks.

What Is a Panic Attack?

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( 

A panic attack is the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak within minutes. It includes at least four of the following symptoms:

Symptoms of a Panic Attack

  • Palpitations, pounding heart or sped up heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering
  • Feelings of choking
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Nausea or abdominal distress
  • Feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, or faint
  • Chills or heat sensations
  • Paresthesia (numbness or tingling sensations)
  • Derealization (feelings of unreality) or depersonalization (being detached from oneself)
  • Fear of losing control or “going crazy”
  • Fear of dying

How to Help a Person with a Panic Attack

If somebody near you is having a panic attack, act as promptly as possible. This may help reduce the severity and duration of the episode. 

Here is a list of things you can do to help the person:

  1. First, you should be calm to help the individual. Remember, panic attacks cannot harm the body.
  2. Ask the person to stop what he/she is doing and sit.
  3. Remind the person he is having a panic attack. Also that it is possible for them to take control.
  4. Next, guide the person to take deep, slow and complete breaths.
  5. Talk to the person assuring that there is nothing life-threatening and he/she will be fine.
  6. After the worst part is over, encourage the person to sit until he/she feels better.

It could be very embarrassing for some people having a panic attack in front of you or in public. Comfort the person saying there is nothing to be ashamed of. Assure him that his feelings are real and nobody is judging him.


How to Help a Child Who Is Having a Panic Attack

Children and adolescents can suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It is important to know how to help your child when he is having a panic attack.

The following is a list of things to do to help a kid overcome a panic attack:

  • First, you should be calm and in control to help your child. If you are calm, it will be easier for your child to regain control.
  • Communicate with your child with a firm but a gentle tone of voice.
  • Tell him you are there to help him get through this.
  • Use his name and tell him he will be fine soon.
  • Tell him to take deep breaths and show him how to take deep, slow and complete breaths
  • Remind him that panic attacks always end.
  • Tell him the physical symptoms he is experiencing such as fast heartbeat, dizziness or shaking are the signs of his fear, not of an illness. Also remind him these symptoms will pass soon.
  • Give him time to calm down. Don’t rush the child. He will need time to regain his sense of self and composure.

Remember to use age-appropriate language that your child can understand.

What Can I Do to Overcome Panic Attacks

Panic means sudden ungovernable fear that produces uncontrollable impulsive behavior. 

A panic attack is a fear attack. Therefore, anything that helps to overcome fears will help to overcome panic attacks.

This has been my approach for years. That’s why I have been so successful at helping my clients to overcome them.

Let’s first analyze the cause of the problem:

What Causes Panic Attacks

A Typical Scenario for a Panic Attack

Let’s say Abigail is a woman who has to walk home. She can take a long route or a short one. Long route takes 1 hour and the short one takes only 25 minutes. But she will have to cross a bad neighborhood. It is already getting dark. Her daughter is by herself at home, so she takes the short route.

Once she gets into the bad territory, she feels anxious. Also, she remembers she has taken this route several times and nothing ever happened to her.

The more she gets into the area, the more nervous she becomes. Something is telling her it is already too dark, and she has made a mistake taking this route. But there is nothing she can do now except trying to finish crossing the area as soon as possible.

At a certain point, she has to get into a solitary, dirty alley and now she stops. Her heart is pounding in her chest, her hands are cold and she is having difficulty to breathe. But there is no escape. She has to cross the alley or come back all the way to the initial point. It is however too dark to come back.

How the Panic Attack Starts

Now, let me stop here and examine what has been happening in our character’s mind.

She started with some anxiety caused by the threats hidden in the bad neighborhood. 

Her fears increased as the sun faded away and darkness became obvious.

So far, nothing has happened to her. But in her mind, the anticipation is building up, and she is about to have an anxiety crisis.

This illustrates a sequence of events happening in Abigail’s mind. It illustrates how we create fear and how it escalates. We assume that something could be dangerous. Then our mind thinks about it and elaborates more and more reasons to be afraid. In just a matter of minutes, we can get into a panic crisis. A crisis we created in our mind out of created threats that are not real.

This is the case in most of our fears. Once “we cross the alley” and look back, we see nothing happened. We were afraid of imaginary threats all the way while crossing it, and even before.

Abigail has reasons to believe she is in danger because she is in a bad neighborhood. A person experiencing a panic attack doesn’t have logical grounds supporting his fears. Or at least they are not so easy to see.

The panic attack can start with palpitations and continues with difficulty to breathe. 

This tells the person a panic attack is coming. That’s all getting into a stage of anticipation requires.

How the Panic Attack Develops

Let’s say the next symptom is trembling in the legs. Now the person is sure that an anxiety crisis is coming. He creates the rest of the symptoms by himself, out of fear.

But the fear here is to the panic attack itself. So the person is having a fear of the fear.

The only real panic attack you ever had was the first one. It was so horrible that after that moment you have been creating them out of fear. Fear of being in such fear. That’s why they are not so difficult to overcome. Because they are not real, just our imagination’s creation.

To this point, we uncovered the cause of your current panic attacks. But we didn’t deal with the first one.

My experience using Regressive Hypnosis has shown me that panic attacks are often the effect of traumatic events. Mostly from the infancy. They are what they call “traumas”.

We keep traumas hidden for some time but someday, something triggers them and that causes the first panic attack.

So, to be successful at overcoming panic attacks, we have to get rid of that initial cause. The trauma in the unconscious mind.

How Can I Get Rid of Trauma

A New Definition for Trauma

Before I get deep into this topic, I will define trauma from my point of view. Please have in mind I have been an Energy Healer for many years. This allows me to define trauma from an energetic point of view. It makes my definition different from the ones provided by the psychologists.

A traumatic event is a disturbing, damaging, hurtful, painful event infringed to a person whose mind cannot handle it. 

Our mind stores the memory in the unconscious as an unresolved threat. Then it tries to avoid repeating the event at all costs.

With this definition at hand we are more equipped to define trauma:

Trauma is the memory of a traumatic experience stored in our unconscious mind as a hidden memory. 

It is also in our body as energy. By storing it, our unconscious hopes to prevent future occurrences of similar incidents.

My Approach to Overcome Trauma and Panic Attacks

Here is where I do not agree with the traditional methods of overcoming trauma.

According to most psychologists, we store the trauma in the unconscious mind like a memory. 

My experience as a Massage Therapist and a Regressive Hypnotherapist tells me it is more than that. 

Yes, we store the trauma like a memory in the unconscious. But we also store it in the energetic bodies as energy of different types. To overcome panic attacks, we transform this energy into something more productive.

I use Regressive Hypnosis and Energy Healing combined to help my clients get rid of their traumas. One of the most important steps to overcome panic attacks and the associated symptoms. This is the shortest route I know to overcome the problem.

However, if you are far from me and need to solve your own situation, I recommend you to try the approach I am about to describe:

How to Transform Traumatic Energy into Light

How to Dissolve the Trauma to Overcome Panic Attacks

This approach is not available for everybody because it requires a strong faith. However, you may be one of the fortunate ones who can use it.

What I am about to describe is what I do for my clients independent of how strong their faith is.

First, let’s consider what trauma is. It is a memory stored in our personality in several ways, in the form of energy and data.

In my practice, I have been able to help many of my clients to get rid of phobias in minutes. I use Energy Healing techniques created by myself. That’s because we keep traumas in the form of energy, even the parts we put in the brain.

Having that in mind, what we need to do is to attract and produce abundant positive energy. This energy will bathe our entire system, body, and mind into it. We also must bathe our system for enough time as to dissolve the traumatic energies stored in our system.

We have two choices:

  1. Submerge the traumatized person into a very strong energy for a short period. This is what I do for my clients.
  2. Shower him many times into subtle energy until the traumatic effects disappear.

The first technique requires years of experience handling healing energy. The second one only requires strong faith and perseverance.

How to Produce Healing Energy to Overcome Panic Attacks​

There are several ways of producing healing energy, but the ones I recommend the most are these:

  1. Qigong, qi gong, chi kung, or chi gong. This is a system of harmonized body postures and movements. I have trained many people to use Qigong to heal themselves from many illnesses and issues. It works. Just allow enough time, and practice with faith and you will see results.
  2. Yoga. To heal the personality, I recommend Kriya Yoga. Like in the previous topic, it requires patience and perseverance. But it produces great results.
  3. Prayers. This is the one with the biggest potential, but it is also the one with less qualified candidates. To make this one work, you must have sufficient faith. Also, a good understanding of how spiritual energy works. You need to feel the energy flowing in your brain and body. This is true for all techniques. If you don’t feel the energy your results could take a long time to manifest. You may not persist for such a long time.

How Long Does It Take to Overcome Panic Attacks?​

There is no way to tell you how long the healing will take. Every case is different and also every person is different. I can only recommend you not to stop, ever, even when you get rid of the symptoms. 

We are in a transformational journey and life is about that, not about being comfortable. You can produce results in a few days or weeks, but what if it takes two years? Still, you will ripe a lot of additional benefits. They include a more peaceful mind and an increase in the chances of having a meaningful life. So just do it.

Free Videos You Can Use to Help You Overcome Panic Attacks​

You can support your efforts in increasing your knowledge about Energy Healing and the use of faith. In that case, I recommend the use of these sources:

  1. My video about “How to Develop and Increase your Faith”. It teaches a simple but effective technique. I received it to activate the Sacred Sensors. These are the senses of our etheric body. This activation allows us to sense the healing and divine energies working in our bodies. This increases our faith and our capacity to manifest a healthy, a prosperous and happy life.
  2. My video about “Divine Energy Healing Using Light as a Healing Tool”. This video teaches how to overcome depression, anxiety, and panic attacks by using light as a healing tool. You will learn to manipulate light to produce physical and emotional healing. Please watch the first video before trying to use the techniques described in video number 2.
  3. My video about “Energy Healing with the Help of the Soul”. Our soul lives in the levels of perfection and harmony. It is easy for it to produce healing in our minds and our bodies. This video teaches a simple, yet effective technique to convey healing with the help of our soul.

Books You Can Read

I also recommend you to read the following books:

  1. If you are familiar with Spanish I recommend my book “Maestro Interno Todos Podemos Hablar con Dios: Una guía para la comunicacion espiritual elevada”. This book teaches how to communicate with our Inner Guide. It also provides strong foundations for the ones pursuing healing as a career.
  2. The book “Miracles of Your Mind: Are you ready to unlock your true potential?” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. This book clarifies a lot about healing and manifestation. Although I do not agree with his description of the unconscious being the master of manifestation, I recognize its potential to help you heal yourself.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Make It Work

The method I explain in this page works. I know that for sure. However, if for any reason you can’t make it work for you, or if you are in a hurry then book an Evaluation Session. We will make it happen.

Click the button below to book your session, or visit our FAQ page if you have questions about our online booking program:

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